Saturday, January 25, 2014

Baked Doughnuts For Everyone!

I hope those photos got you interested!  What you see above are almond joy doughnuts... some of the BEST doughnuts ever from a cookbook called Baked Doughnuts for Everyone.  I borrowed it from the library awhile ago because Rem requested doughnuts for his birthday in December.  That's when I made my first recipe from the cookbook: maple glazed doughnuts.  They were DELICIOUS!  After that I went on a doughnut hiatus, but I woke up today with a strong urge to make doughnuts again, and almond joy doughnuts sounded too good to resist.  I thought the maple glazed ones were good but these were even better.  Soft, pillowy, coconutty doughnuts with a sweet chocolate glaze.... and can you believe ALL of the doughnuts in this cookbook are gluten-free?  Ashley, the author of Baked Doughnuts for Everyone, also writes an incredible blog filled with gluten-free recipes called The Edible Perspective.  Check out the blog The Edible Perspective  for more great gluten-free recipes or buy/borrow the book Baked Doughnuts for Everyone.

Now if we have another snow day from school this week, I may or may not try to bake my way through the rest of the book...

P.S.  Thank you, dad, for the doughnut pan you got me for Christmas!  It is certainly coming in handy!  


  1. Those look so yummy. I am putting a request in now for doughnuts for my birthday.

    1. Done! What kind do you want? I'll start testing recipes now! lol I could also make them for your half birthday in March. I think that should be a thing- celebrating half birthdays with doughnuts!

  2. I like the half birthday doughnut celebration idea! I will think on it and let you know what kind!